The Maydays: Guest Who.


The Maydays: Guest Who



Sunday 3rd March – 7.30pm: The Maydays: Guest Who


A handful of award-winning improvisers, an ingenious musician, one special guest star.
Following in the footsteps of one of the longest running improv show styles world-wide, the Maydays bring us their take on the Armando.


Our guest star tells us some true stories and we weave them into smart, silly improvisation. A rare outing for a classic format from “Britain’s vanguard of longform improvisation” (Jason Chin, iO).

"Genius" **** - Chortle
"Hilariously funny" ***** Three Weeks
"One that I'll see again" **** Fringe Review



The Maydays Guest Who


Cast: TBC.



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Tell us about your group

Established nearly a decade ago by John Cremer, the Maydays are one of Britain's longest running improvisation companies. Based in Brighton, the Maydays are a musical longform company who have won best Comedy Show on the Brighton Fringe and are the current holders of the Impro Comedy Shield. Chortle descibed them as "One of the best improvised shows out get the feeling that any of these actors could easily hold their own with the likes of Merton, Frost and Jupitus...a must see"



How did you discover improvisation?

Jules Munns: Improvisation was the class that made me have nightmares at drama school, so when a guy in the year below me started a shortform group, i decided it would be interesting to play with my habits and fears by going. We rehearsed, played, experimented twice weekly for ages before the first gig. It was terrifying, but i got the bug and am now a total addict.



What’s the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of in the last year?

Jules: God - too many to count! I loved a scene we did recently which started in a club, everybody dancing like idiots. One character mentioned to another that his parents had met in a club, and we snapped to a scene of a couple just sitting staring at each other unhappily. then back to the club, then to the couple. It was so much fun - getting big laughs from nothing more than a rhythm contrast. Impro geekgasm.



What are your top three impro tips?


1. Do it as much as possible. (this is the easy one - the other two are much harder.)

2. Don't take anyone's word for anything. Be honest but forgiving with yourself and others.

3. All of the lessons you learn there are applicable in life - every single one of them. Live the same in the rehearsal room and out and your improvisation and life will both get better.



Recommend a book on improvisation ...

Jules: I've only read one - Improvise, by Mick Napier. It is ace though.



Write you own question on improvisation and give an answer ...
Jules: “What things out side improvisation help you to improvise?”


Not really sure of the answer to this question - i guess i think that the principle of improvisation should be lived as well as used, so your whole life is part of the same process. I do find it useful to read as much and as varied as possible. All the different ways of thinking and being keep you from getting into a rut i think.