Third Person:
Clowns Are Not Funny



Monday 27th March – 8.30pm

Third Person: Clowns Are Not Funny

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The Show:

Imagine a play, written by Pinter or Beckett, Satre or Ionesco, an impenetrable  world of out-of-place characters. The characters are clowns. The clowns do what clowns do. Who are they? Are  they funny? Who is the conductor of this orchestra of fools? The human condition is examined via stupidity and control. A new form of theatre explored for this festival. The actors have learnt clowning. The company have adapted improvisational-conducting from musicians. The result should be truly innovative.

The Group:

Third Person have been working for the last decade on producing realistic plays, with emotionally truthful acting. All their work is improvised. They have worked not just on the skills of improvisation, but on acting and play construction. They have produced many different formats that have been performed under such titles as; Stories within Stories, Nighthawks, Within these Walls, Visions of Hell, In or Out, Outsiders, also doing some Tango specific shows. They continue to innovate yet maintain their integrity of living truthfully in the moment. The company is probably 20 strong, and different cast perform in different shows.

Third person Cast

What are your top three tips to be a good improviser?:


Offers come in 3 forms, i) emotional ii) physical iii) verbal. This is the order of importance. Stop thinking offers are only verbal and that you must accept all verbal offers. Characters lie, actors hide behind lying characters to stay safe. All hide behind words. The truth is seen in silence. There is the offer to be followed.

Improvisation covers music/dance/art/theatre. It is not aimed at being funny. Stop trying to be funny. Learn to improvise instead of learning ‘improv’ and its tricks.