Two Of Wands



Tuesday 28th March – 7.00pm

Two Of Wands

£ 10.00 (£7.00 Conc)    BOOK HERE

The Show:

What if a dream stepped out of your head and onto stage? A two person improv show full of big choices and original twists.

You’ll leave wondering “what the hell just happened?”, having been drawn through a rollercoaster of characters and emotions. We will invite you into our fictional worlds, interacting with you in character and have you directly shape the show. Expect drama, comedy and a touch of poetry.

We’ve been described as “legitimately beautiful” and “beautifully odd.” Come watch us play and play with us.


"Two of Wands is one of the most strikingly-inventive improv troupes that I have had the pleasure of seeing. With their rich characters, a willingness to embrace both the surreal and grounded, and superb audience interaction, these two gifted actors have impressed and entertained me and audiences all across London. What is particularly noteworthy is how Michael and Lizzy draw from their own cultural interest and passions, giving them the opportunity to create characters that are both very real-feeling, but nonetheless extremely inventive." - Mark Tindle (Co-organiser of Duck Duck Goose Improv - London's premier improv jam)

The Group:

Two of Wands is two halves making a whole, as light and darkness make the shadow

Lizzy - joyful, physical, experienced, emotional, silly

Arising from more than 10 years improvising, Second City Chicago summer intensive 2013, Multistory, The Fireflies, The Cleek (founder & director), Big Now, Open Roads, The Holiday After Tomorrow, No More Scrambled Eggs, Meeting at a Point, Charm & Strange (coach)

Michael - depressive, wordy, new, thoughtful, serious

Sinking into 3 years improvising, Open Roads (director), game designer (Golden Cobra winner), larper (The Smoke organiser)

Two of Wands Cast

Cast: Michael Such, Lizzy Mace.

What are your top three tips to be a good improviser?:

"Seek stillness in motion" - Yang Cheng Fu.

"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving" - Laozi.

"Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water" - Wu Li.